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We need your help

Our goal is to support 500 youth this year. Halfway through the year, we find ourselves slightly behind in our goal due to lack of volunteers. We know that 'word of mouth' pulls in 60% of our mentors and that people like you are our best marketing tool. 


Between now and August 31st, we are looking for 75 new mentors for our School Based and Community Based programs so that we can meet our goal this year. Here is how you can support us:

·  Do you know someone who would make a great mentor? Tell us about them. We would love to meet them, take them to coffee, and tell them more about what we do.

·  Spread the word at your office, to your friends and family. Could we come to your place of employment and give a presentation?

·  Does your place of employment have an email announcement system or news boards? Can you post for us on them?

·  "Like" us on Facebook, send this email on to someone you know, send people to our website. Help us spread the word.

·  Have any recruitment ideas? Send them our way.


New Mentor Resources Available: We have updated our Mentor Tools page with all kinds of new information. From local activity ideas for our Partnerships, to resources on how to build positive relationships, the new page offers a wide range of tools and information. Whether you are a current mentor, or someone who wants to get a better idea of the things our Partnerships enjoy and tools Partners has available, click here to visit the updated resources page.  



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