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Mentoring Tools

Below is a compilation of documents that the Partners Mentoring Youth staff has found helpful in working with youth, from activity ideas to youth development. We hope you find them helpful, and remember that the Partners Mentoring Youth program staff is always available to talk about issues specific to individual mentoring relationships. Contact your Program Coordinator for more information.


Activity List for Fort Collins and Loveland

Activity List for Estes Park

The Benefit of Activities

The Importance of Playing

Strengthening Your Partnership

Building a Mentoring Relationship

Communicating With Your Junior Partner

Gender-Specific Approaches to Mentoring

Overcoming Challenges

Helping a Grieving Mentee

Dealing with Lying

Helping with a Transition to Middle School

Mentoring Through the Holidays

Overcoming Relationship Pitfalls

Tips for Handling a Junior Partner who is Bossy or Rude


Youth Development

101 Things to do Instead of Drugs

Mentor's Guide to Youth Development

Developing Healthy Friendships

Developing Healthy Relationships

Understanding the Youth Development Model



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